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Character Name: Simon
Source Canon: Tengen Toppa... GURREN LAGAN!
Community Tag: Simon

Notes: I'm going to TRY to take over CR from Salsa's Simon, but as I hear, he didn't have much outside Matthew?

Until we actually get one, Nia will be an NPC for plot purposes and mod uses.


Personality: Simon is a leader who chooses to follow. He has a brave spirit, and plenty of determination to be a leader, it's just that for the longest time he hides behind the facade of a scared child. Simon would love to keep to the background and just go about his day drilling and drilling...
...too bad he's NOT ALLOWED! But even then, he's happy to back up his bro Kamina. But it was being in Kaminan shadow, always there to fall back on that allowed him to keep going forward.

But when it comes time for Simon to man up, he really MANS up! For a good while, Simon can't really motivate himself to be bold and brave, rather needing support from his Bro and the Gurren Brigade to give him that necessary nudge to really turn things around and save the day... and that's usually how it went too. With the Lagan in his hands, that shove of motivation, he usually turned things around for him and his buddies.

But then Kamina died. And with that, a lot of Simon's motivation and reason to keep going died as well. Without him, he didn't have a reason to be a man, or to step up. So he sits, and wallows in his own loss and depression most of the time. Simon simply does not handle loss well, and while he tries to step up to prevent it, when he fails, he falls hard from it; like a borderline defeatist. With the loss of his parents, and Kamina, he spends a long time dwelling on the loss and how much of a loser and weakling he is. Even the briefly-lived crush on Yoko, that he loses to Kamina (via canon, not the RP) is enough to keep him distracted and de-motivated. When he manages to get past his lowest, he's on the warpath, constantly looking for revenge.

Around others, Simon is typically either shy or just reserved. He's used to others looking down on him and avoiding him for being a digger, or just smelling of the earth. And that hesitation to be around others is only complicated further with people from the surface, and more so the people of the Chalice who are, strangely, of another world completely (because until he and Kamina came about, none of them knew what a "Gunmen" or the underground cities were). He's social and friendly enough, but as with anything, he needs that little push (or pull) to really get him out there.

Something that carries through to his older years is his drive to protect the people close to him. Once he gets past anger and revenge and depression, he finally finds his reason to keep going; to protect his buddies, and Nia. Knowing they're behind him, and they're the people who believes in the him that believes in them, he's good to go, and even makes a pretty decent leader. It's that determination, will, and belief-cycle that push him to new heights of both power and leadership, and the same will that powers the Lagan (and all it's mechanical kin).

When Simon gets older, he doesn't change all that much. He's far less reserved and shy, but still bold and determined to protect what he cares about. While he made an attempt to be his own man, he still fell into Kamina's footsteps along the way. He's far more hot-blooded, and even a bit lazy and goofy at times. When it comes to a fight, he's all too willing to get in on the front lines and show them who the hell he is! Though he still thinks a bit before the fists get flying, he's not beyond relying on his fists alone, and showing off what kind of power his fists, and the drills behind them, have.

*REQUIRED* (Show us you know the character. At least 3 or 4 paragraphs is a good length for this section.)

Capabilities and Resources: Simon is the biggest possessor, and manifestor of Spiral Energy since Lordgenome (even if both are from another dimension). Spiral Energy is a non-tangable energy that is possessed by all living things capable of evolution (thus, excluding Beastmen, mechanical, and synthetic lifeforms). Since attaining the Lagan and the Core Drill, he's been the one harness it to it's fullest, allowing him (and the Lagan) to purely create matter from nothing, as well as supplement his machine with power, and statistical boosts. It ignores most laws of science and physics, and just breaks the rules of the universe in greater quantities.

Most curiously, Spiral Energy has allowed the combination of things that should NOT be able to physically combine. It's created superior forms of both mecha and battleship alike, physically suited for Simon's style of combat. In theory, if the Lagan drills into any other machine, the two CAN combine.

However, Spiral Energy is entirely reflective of the will (and hunger sometimes) of people. When Simon is in doubt, he fails to produce Spiral Energy , and thus, fails to power the Lagan or any of it's successors.

(*REQUIRED* if you have a robot. Power armor/transformed forms also belong to this section)
Robot Name: Lagan
Robot Description: The Lagan is the tiniest of the Gunmen, so much so that most enemies are surprised by it's miniscule stature. But don't count it out! In the hands of Simon, and all his Spiral Energy, it's a pretty versatile machine despite it's size. It's main method of attack is propelling itself at an enemy and drilling into them, either through a drill on it's 'face' or one that replaces it legs. However it's biggest power is to combine with most any Gunmen/Beastman machine out there, allowing it to be part of a far superior machine, and it's how the next machine comes to be.
Terrain Stats: Land: A
Air: B
Sea: C
Space: D

Robot Name: Gurren Lagan
Robot Description: THE GREAT MANLY COMBINING OF THE LAGAN AND THE GURREN! Or Beastman combining, or not-so-many combining depending on who's in the other seat. The Gurren Lagan is larger than both Gurren and Lagan, despite how it's physically put together. It's far superior in melee combat than the Gurren or Lagan ever were, and thanks to Simon, its can near-endlessly supplement it's attacks with either a drill, or spiral energy. Usually drills. It likes drills. Giant drills. Face drills. Knee drills. Underground drills. Drills from every joint. Drills on drills. It's like a going out of business sale on drills, and the Gurren Lagan is both salesman and manufacturer!
Similar to the way it generally combines and makes itself better, it can also attach other parts of Gunmen to itself and make them instantly functional, such as the crest from one of Viral's machines, and a flying Gunmen to give it near-infinite flight.
Terrain Stats: Land: A
Air: A
Sea: B
Space: C

(*REQUIRED* if you captain a flagship)
Flagship Name: Dai-Gurren
Flagship Description: Simon's, and the Gurren Brigade's big haul after losing Kamina. Classed as a 'Dai-Gunmen', the Dai-Gurren is not too far from your everyday battleship, with the exception of it having legs (meaning it walks), arms (meaning it can punch you in the face or throw other mecha like a catapult), and windows that give it the typical 'I have a face' look from any other Gunmen. At first, it only walks, but it's later given a pair of giant flippers for swimming, then a brief stint with a floating/gravity device hijacked from another Dai-Gunmen
Terrain Stats: Land: S
Air: C
Sea: A
Space: D

Flagship Name: Arc-Gurren
Flagship Description: A far, far larger Dai-Gunmen designed and built by Rossiu and (someone else) after the "time jump". Meant for an escape into space, it's well armored and armed with plenty of firepower to fend off Gunmen, but... not the things that it ends up running into. Like the Lagan, it's also fueled by Spiral Energy, which can wax and wane with the spirits of the people on board. (This will likely be see minimal use outside of space settings, and surely more detailed in Rossiu's app)
Terrain Stats: Land: A
Air: A
Sea: A
Space: S

Robot Name: Arc-Gurren Lagan
Robot Description: When space ships and manliness combine to defend their home planet, together they form the ARC GURREN LAGAN! Honestly there's little difference between this and the Gurren Lagan; drills, spiral energy, Simon, piercing the heavens. The only real significance is the Spiral support from everyone on the ship at the time as WELL as... it's size. The Arc-Gurren Lagan ranks up from a M/L unit to an LL.
Terrain Stats: Land: S
Air: A
Sea: B
Space: S

FlagshipRobot Name: Cathedral Lazengan Super Galaxy Gurren Lagan
Flagship Description: Did you think the combining was over? NAY NAY! After converting a counterfeit moon from being a planet-destroying monster, it is completely and entirely compatible with the Gurren Lagan, so much so that it's actually POWERED by it's drills. Little changes from it's combat and pilot ability, however, it, again, moves up to the next size class (which has no letter in SRW, just know that it's is on a semi-planetary scale now. Daibuster ain't got nothin on it.) It's real use is opening a gateway through the fabric of reality that progresses the plot of this canon. It will likely only see ONE mission of combat
Terrain Stats: Land: A
Air: A
Sea: A
Space: S

Robot Name: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan
Robot Description: Again, the Gurren Lagan takes it up another step, this time to fight the final enemy of the canon. No longer on a simply comprehensible scale, the TTGL has as many mecha as a part of it as there are pilots active in the mission, be they dead, or in another dimension, or whathave you. Though capable of combat on it's own, it's essentially the housing point for various "Tengen Toppa"/Spiral energized version of it's allies. Only sees action in the canon's final battle
Terrain Stats: Super Spiral Universe S

Robot Name: Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan
Robot Description: What do you do when your biggest mecha isn't quite cutting it.


Meant for the final slugfest of the canon, this massive eidelon of Spiral Energy takes 'galactic' combat to a new level. This guy, this homage to Kamina and his manliness, sees even less action than the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan!
Terrain Stats: Super Spiral Universe S

By the end of canon, Simon, if still contributing to the Earth's fight, will come back down to the Gurren Lagan for standard combat, and possibly the Arc-Gurren Lagan in space. No sense in wrecking up the world we're protecting by being an oversized amalgamation of energies.

Job: Digger. Spiral Hero.

Suggested Event List: To explain Simon's inactivity the last few months, we'll skip ahead and do a few events off screen, such as his depressed rampage, as well as finding Nia. To get things moving again, we'll simplify it all using events from the movies, which are just smooshed together from the anime.

Mission: The Four Generals Attack
Enemies: Dai-Gunkai (Adiane), Dai-Gunten (Cytomander), Dai-Gundo (Guame), Dai-Gunzan-Du (Viral), various flying and other Gunmen,
Low Down: Lordgenome's Generals are quite tired of the Gurren Brigade's crap. Having lost one of their own and one of their Dai-Gunmen, they're coming for blood. But when they get to us, Nia steps out to find out what the heck they're doing. Cytomander snatches up Nia and tells her that she's just a doll, and dolls who show self awareness are tossed aside.

Simon's not having any of that, so he finally, (finally) gets out of his funk and goes to save her. Just barely failing, he goes to combine with whomever is in the Gurren, and then the ass kicking can begin! Boss characters lose their plot invulnerability, Gurren Lagan, taps one colorless and a flying Gunman to gain flying.

But wait, the Generals (and Viral) aren't done yet! They actually COMBINE! Into the Do-Ten-Kai-Zan ( But that's still not enough. After giving a speech about not letting people put down the human race, or treat them as an inferior species (and anyone else chiming in about resisting their oppression), everyone gets in on one huge Team Gurren Giga Drill Break.

From this, the Dai-Gurren walks away with a levitation orb, allowing it flight, so it, too, can reach the top of Teppelin

Mission: The Fall of the Spiral King
Enemies: Various Gunmen, Lazengan (Lordgenome ), Ekindudu (Viral) Lordgenome (no mech)
Lowdown: Finally, the assault on Teppelin to take down the oppressive Spiral King... even if he's not all that oppressive in this world. Still! It's time to rise up and take him down. Take down one more enemy superpower in this world!

The fight takes place on and around Dekabutsu (, which is a gigantic Gunman far larger than the Dai-Gurren. (however, we won't really be seeing it as an active Gunman. Less complications the better.) While it'll be a fight against other Gunmen to get to the top, AT the top awaits Lordgenome. While the team feel they're the heroes here, it's Lordgenome that claims he's the protector of humanity, even in this world.

When we get up to the top, Lordgenome awaits in his own mech, fueled with spiral energy. After an amazing slug/drill-fest, Lazengan's drills outperform Gurren Lagan, leading Simon to attempt a Lagan Impact, which outdoes Lazengan's drill. Lordgenome comes out of his mech and beats into Simon personally. But as he talks smack and is about to put Simon down, he catches the Core Drill to the chest, blowing his body wide open.

Surprised by the resistance, and someone elses superior Spiral Power, Lordgenome explains what he's been doing back in their world. He warns that when the 'apes' of humanity grow too powerful, the Moon will become Hell's messenger and destroy them all. Knowing that at this rate, Simon will lead them to this fate, he uses the last of his spiral energy to take the Gurren cast (maybe Matthew as well) and fling them all back to their own world.

*This is where canon takes a small deviant. In order to impliment the time skip properly, Lordgenome sense the TTGL cast back to their dimension where time passes differently than ours. With Lordgenome dead in our dimension, there's no Beastman oppression, allowing humanity to thrive in TTGL-world. With knowledge glanced from his time here, Rossiu can help with the development of society and technology, to establish things properly per canon. For TTGL-world, 7 years pass, for us, maybe a month or so, until it's time for the next mission.

Mission: The Descent of the Anti-Spiral
Enemies: Mugan
Low down: This is where Gurren Lagan comes back to our world. On TTGL-world, things have progressed as per canon, even to the point where Simon and Nia are engaged to be married, and the Anti-Spiral awaken her as the harbinger of their demise. Going to space was a big no-no (even if we've done it millions of times on our end), and as such, the Humanity Annihilation System is now active.

The battle that ensues with the now-labeled Mugan spills over into our dimension with an excessive use of Spiral energy on Simon's part, in an attempt to fight back against the seemingly impervious Mugan. A hole in the dimensions tears right near the Chalice, allowing both TTGL-cast to return to us, as well as make the Anti-Spiral well aware of our world's existence.

OH how they rage that they've missed THIS world? Who was hiding it? We'll find out later, but the important part is that this tear relocates the entirety of Kamina City right where we once fought Lordgenome; the former sight of Dekabutsu. While it's a nice, pretty replacement, we still have Mugan to fight off.

Afterward, everyone gets to play catch up with each other, while Simon sits and dwells on WTF just happened to Nia.

THERE ARE AT LEAST TWO MORE MISSIONS HERE, going after the Anti-Spiral into "space", and the final slugfest with the Anti-Spiral.

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